The following exhibitions ended on January 8. A documentary about Landskrona Lighthouse can be found here. A number of book circles and author talks on the same theme, darkness as a precondition for light will continue in 2022. For the current program, see under program.


Joonas Tikkanen, Otso Vartiainen, Tuomas Norvio and Petra Kytölä

“Huurre” (Finnish for hoar-frost) is in a strong interaction with the Konsthall’s architecture, site-specific lighting conditions and with the soundscape of the sculpture park. The building has an all-year lasting interaction with the lighting conditions surrounding it…

Untitled Lantern Pieces

Johan Österholm

In the early hours of January 17, 1994, some 116 years after the invention of the first light bulb, the powerful Northridge earthquake struck the Los Angeles area, knocking out power across a broad swath of Southern California and plunging millions into unaccustomed darkness…

Lights Left On

Rosie Barnes

In her childhood it was always impressed upon Rosie Barnes and her siblings to never leave a light on in a room that wasn’t occupied. The reasons were simple and clear — it was a waste of money and resources. She still sticks to this childhood rule and it remains problematic…