Joonas Tikkanen, Otso Vartiainen, Tuomas Norvio and Petra Kytölä

In the spring of 2021, the Municipality of Landskrona announced an open call inviting professional artists and lighting designers to submit proposals for a work of light art for Landskrona Konsthall, to be shown as part of “Lighthouse”.

The winning work ‘Huurre’ was chosen because it relates in a respectful and innovative way to the unique architecture of the art gallery. It brings out the shape of the building and can be experienced in different ways depending on the external conditions. A work of light and sound created in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Jury: Katarina Hennig (lighting designer), Christina Dvinge (Founder of Kaleidoscope Light Collective), Sune Nordgren (publisher and art critic), Jenny Lindhe (curator) and Janne Jönsson (curator).

“Huurre” (Finnish for hoar-frost) is in a strong interaction with the  architecture of Konsthallen, site-specific lighting conditions and with the soundscape of the sculpture park. The building has an all-year lasting interaction with the lighting conditions surrounding it. The soundscape surrounding the building pulse the everyday life of the city.

The artwork alters lighting conditions of the current daytime by obstructing the rays of light entering the building. Window panels create movement into the building — almost like the building would be a living organism breathing in the center of Skulpturparken. The windows of the Japanese garden create an inner layer of movement into the heart of the building. The movements of the outer and the inner layer communicate with each other through a symbiotic choreography.

As the sun sets and the gallery closes its doors, viewers can experience the artwork with a more dynamic layer than the sun. The interior of the gallery space is lit up with controllable artificial light. Microphones are placed outside Konsthallen to capture sound from the surroundings of the building. Data is collected from luminosity sensors inside the Japanese garden. Sun position in the sky as well as luminosity levels at Konsthallen are used to create site specific, distorted fantasy soundscape.

The artwork can be experienced from outside and inside the building. Both sides of the window give you a unique experience. Interior to exterior. Observed from outside the building you see the people, artwork and interior architecture of the gallery appearing and disappearing.

The team has decades of combined experience in various productions, installations and performances in the field of the arts. The members are experts in visual design, lighting design and programming, sound design & music composing and project coordination as well as production. They have been working individually as freelancers and together in various different productions.

Joonas Tikkanen is an established visual artist working internationally, mainly in performing arts. His lighting, video and set designs have been seen in operas, theatres and in contemporary dance and installations. He is the founder of HUE Lighting Oy/Ltd.

Otso Vartiainen is a visual artist, lighting designer and programmer. He has been working in the field of performing arts, live music and light art for ten years. He is respected for his lighting programming and synesthetic content creation skills.

Tuomas Norvio designs sound and music for performances, installations and films, and also sound art as its own art form. Tuomas is interested in rhythmical and arrhythmical masses of sound, using acoustic and sampled sounds as a material.

Petra Kytölä is a producer with broad experience in productions ranging from performing arts to B2B events to festivals and light art. She has brought countless of light art installations to Finland as an executive producer at Lux Helsinki light art festival.