21/10/30, 7—9 pm


Experience the art gallery and the surrounding sculpture park in completely new light. During the evening, you get a chance to meet artists and partners behind the project and hear the thoughts on the concept. The art gallery displays the light and sound installation ‘Huurre’ (Finnish for hoar-frost) by Joonas Tikkanen (FI), Otso Vartiainen (FI), Tuomas Norvio (FI) and Petra Kytölä (FI). The work interacts strongly with the Landskrona Konsthall’s architecture, the site-specific lighting conditions and the sculpture park’s soundscape. The building interacts with the light and sound of the surroundings, day and night — like a living organism that breathes in the middle of the sculpture park. In Konsthallsparken, ‘Untitled Lantern Pieces’ by Johan Österholm (SE) and on Järnvägsgatan ‘Lights Left On’ by Rosie Barnes (GB) are shown. At Landskrona museum/Kasernplan, a light installation is shown.